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The Redwood Program

The Redwood Program uses a collaborative model of behavior intervention between local schools, families, and LCMHS to provide wrap-around services benefitting the student across school, community, and home settings.

The Redwood Program's staff included Behavioral Interventionists (BIs) who provide direct service to the student, Service Coordinators who provide support in both the school and home environments, and Positive Behavior Support Specialists who provide clinical supervision for the Behavioral Interventionists and develop the behavior support plans.

Services are individualized to the student's mental health, behavioral, and developmental needs while the child is accessing his/her educational program. The program includes clinical training and supervision of the behavioral interventionists, initial and ongoing assessment by clinical professionals, and behavior interventions that are grounded in the assessment and the positive behavior support plan.

Every student that is a part of the Redwood Program is able to participate in our six week summer camp. During camp, students are part of group activities focused on developing new skills, one hour of academic work, and social opportunities out in the community.

We are providing opportunities for students to be a strong member of their community, establishing a network of community supports. This network will give additional natural supports that students can access throughout their lives. We are teaching them to reach out for support when needed. Like the redwood trees, students learn that in the face of adversity they can be resilient and continue to grow regardless of the challenges they face.

As the students learn skills, they grow and become stronger. Resilient redwood trees grow close together to create a support system. Offering this same model to our students, the program provides the consistency and dependability for them to feel safe, secure, and mature. As our students grow within our system they begin to branch out to their community system and independently utilize the skills they have learned.

The Redwood Program combines school, home, and community supports to provide as much stability for our students as possible in order for them to be successful.


For additional information, please contact:
 Christina Glowac, School Based Therapeutic Services Director

[email protected] |¬†(802) 888-5026 x3605

The Redwood Program Brochure

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