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Copley House

Originally the site of Morrisville's Copley Hospital and then The Copley Manor, construction began to renovate and turn the facility into Copley House in order to open its doors in September of 2001.


  • Copley House was created in 2001 from a partnership between Lamoille County Mental Health Services and the Lamoille Housing Partnerships in order to place the former residents of a community care home in Waterville, VT
  • The program is geared to assist residents who may have complex chronic health conditions and require integrated health and mental health services.
  • The program is currently composed of 22 residents who participate in on site recovery activities with an emphasis on community engagement. The Copley facility is licensed by the Division of Licensing and Protection of the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living as a level 3 care facility. As such it must:
  1. Have an environment of care that can foster personal independence on the part of residents and a home-like environment in the homes.
  2. Provide room and board, assistance with personal care, general supervision and/or medication management. Level III homes also must provide the additional service of nursing overview. It is common that residents qualify for Assistive Community Care Services (ACCS) Medicaid funding which assists in the funding for the higher level of care provided - i.e. case management, assistance with the performance of activities of daily living, medication assistance, monitoring and administration, 24-hour on-site assistive therapy, restorative nursing, nursing assessment, health monitoring, and routine nursing tasks.

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