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Services Offered


  • Home and Community-Based Waiver (HCBW): The Home and Community-Based Waiver is the primary funding source and can include service planning and coordination, employment supports, community supports, home supports, respite, clinical interventions, crisis services, and transportation.
  • Service Coordination: You will have a service coordinator who will help you reach your goals and support your needs,
  • Employment: You will receive help finding a job and get support on the job.
  • Community: You will be able to increase your skills in community activities of your choice.
  • Home Supports: You will get help living on your own or live with a shared living provider.
  • Respite: You will be able to take breaks from people who support you.
  • Clinical: You will be able to talk with therapists or psychiatrists if needed.
  • Crisis: You can call the pager if you're having an emergency; the number is 1-(802)-283-0957.
  • Transportation: You will receive some help getting to and from your job or community activities or possibly an accessible van.
  • Flexible Family Funding (FFF): Flexible Family Funding is money provided to eligible families with children or adult family members with disabilities living at home, used at their discretion toward services and supports that are in the person's and/or family's best interest. The maximum amount available is generally $990 per year.
  • Targeted Case Management: Targeted Case Management is a "fee for service" Medicaid service which provides case management for individuals who only need a small amount of support.
  • Bridge Program: The Bridge Program provides time-limited care coordination to assist families of children under the age of 22 who have developmental disabilities and are Medicaid eligible.
  • Intervention Venue for Youth Program (IVY): IVY was established to support children and their families who were placed on the transition funds for Personal Care Supports.  IVY can provide the following support: In-Home Case Management, Advocacy, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, Behavioral Consultation, Community and Home skills support, family managed respite, and visual and behavioural supports.

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