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Access Crisis Support

Access Crisis Support provides services for children and adolescents from birth through 22 years old who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

The primary purpose of the Access Program is to ensure that consumers coming into contact with our Emergency Services are immediately connected to mental health providers both in our agency and with outside provider’s so that treatment for the youth in crisis can begin quickly. A primary goal for this program is working with the family to keep children out of state custody. This program also works closely with Emergency Services to help coordinate emergency screenings, referral and placement in hospital settings, and mental health services.

Some children and youth in crisis need to take a break from their home environment. Emergency Services can determine if this level of care is need during the crisis. After this placement occurs, with the agreement from the parents and youth our Access Case Manager can provide emergent case management.  This helps families with reunification, safety planning, assessment, and coordinating other needed mental health services. This program can work closely with the Department for Children and Families to help families obtain support services to aide in their reunification goals and to keep kids in their homes.

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