Lamoille County Mental Health Services is one of the designated agencies in Vermont that is charged with the responsibility of providing comprehensive community mental health, developmental and related services to the citizens of Lamoille Valley. Our services include individual, family and group therapy, medication therapy and support, emergency and crisis support, developmental, day treatment, housing, vocational, and outreach services to individuals, families and schools.

News & Events

During the month of May, LCMHS joined Roland Lajoie on a series of informative chats about mental health, and services provided for the Lamoille County community.

Watch a 30-minute documentary created by fellow stigma-busters as part of the Be Vocal project. The film introduces viewers to Jeff, Lauren and Lloyd, three different people who share one common experience—their lives have been transformed by speaking up for mental health. The film provides a glimpse into their lives and their diagnoses—which include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety—ultimately weaving together a story about how speaking up is key to living well.

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