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Public Safety Specialist

Program: Developmental Services

Hours: Full-Time

Location: Morrisville

Job Summary:

The focus of the Public Safety Specialist is to keep the community safe while coordinating treatment and supervision of individuals with developmental disabilities who pose a risk to public safety. The Public Safety Specialist assists offenders with developmental disabilities to access supports and services available through the State Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) and through a variety of activities.

The Public Safety Specialist provides coordination to adults who have developmental disabilities and whose waivers are primarily funded through the public safety priority of those who pose a significant risk to themselves or others. This coordination includes individuals with community/home support, employment, and respite and occurs in a home community-based setting while following Medicaid, State, and agency guidelines. It is the incumbent's job to support the consumer to work on meeting their goals. The Public Safety Specialist caseload has a high proportion of consumers with high-risk behaviors.


Required: Bachelor's Degree

Preferred: n/a


Required: n/a

Preferred: n/a



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