Enhanced Family Services

The Enhanced Family Services (EFS) Program is designed to provide home and community-based services to individuals who would require residential care and/or returning to the community setting from a program of this magnitude. All EFS contracts must be approved by the Vermont Department of Mental Health.

Individuals who are deemed eligible may receive a variety of services offered within the CFYS Program. For example, service packages may include individual and family therapy models which are complemented with community based services that enhance the treatment experience through supportive counseling.

This is an area where clients and their family carry skills to daily experiences with the support of skilled staff. Clinical assessments can be requested as means of gaining fuller understanding into the complexities and diagnosis that individuals and families experience. Overnight and hourly respite service may be considered to support the identified treatments for EFS contracts.

Specific services and supports to the EFS Program include therapeutic foster care for a period of time which is designed to maintain parental custody while working though their challenges on their way toward reunification.

Our Jumpstart crisis response team is used for the purpose of support and guidance when encountering difficulties within the home around the clock. These wraparound services provide a full range of mental health services to families most in need due to the risk of residential placement for the child. The entire family is involved in the treatment formation to ensure that all of the issues and needs are being considered in planning process. Due to this treatment and support being charged with keeping children and youth from higher levels of care it is more intensive, working from the wrap around services perspective.

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