Psychiatric Services

Medication management –  Use of medication is based on thorough assessment of the consumer, prescribing using best evidenced based protocols, and monitoring consumer outcomes to make adjustments or medication changes as needed. Access to the psychiatric services for non-urgent care is through the Intake Clinician for assessment. Following the assessment a prescriber appointment is made for a complete psychiatric assessment to determine if medication is recommended.

The role of our psychiatric providers is to oversee medication and treatment by LCMHS clinical staff. Our providers are engaged in consultation for adult and children’s services, and the mobile crisis team.

Our psychiatric providers also consult to the LCMHS residential facilities; Copley House, Johnson Group Home, and Oasis House. Often providers are also requested to consult with primary care providers who are working with patients who require integrated behavioral and physical health care.

In addition to the psychiatric providers LCMHS also employs a nurse manager who oversees the day to day operation of the Community Psychoeducation Services (CPS) team. This team provides medication support for consumers in our Community Rehabilitation Treatment (CRT) program. We also have an on-site nurse to provide oversight of medication and health management for residents at our facilities.

For consumers who are in the CRT program, our CPS team can provide extra support Monday through Friday to assist with medication education, planning, or other supports. These services are focused upon providing consumers with information regarding medication used, but also provide illness self-management and recovery information with the goal of the services being consumer self-sufficiency, as they are able, in terms of providing office or home based medication support.

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