Community Cadre

In early 2015 LCMHS began operation of a new program, Community Cadre, based in the principles of recovery/resiliency and peer supports. The Community Cadre operates across our adult mental health programs serving consumers who need brief support as well as with those who might need a weekly or bi-weekly service to maintain their recovery efforts.

The Community Cadre staff is a part of daily support services in the community including helping consumers with budgeting, shopping, employment, and other life tasks.They also provide transportation for activities that promote wellbeing for consumers in the community.

The Community Cadre works with the LCMHS Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) to support persons who may be waiting in our local hospital for an inpatient hospitalization, or who may need non-secured transportation to a psychiatric inpatient setting. This requires the patient’s willingness to have cadre work with them. The patient will be non-violent and willing to participate in activities to distract them from presenting issues (cutting, suicidal thoughts, voices etc.) which may be causing distress.

All Cadre staff must complete trainings for Intentional Peer Support, Mental Health First Aid and Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP). Most of them have had lived experience with mental health symptoms and treatment, and/or other healthcare provider experience, and are seeking to give back to others the support which helped them achieve a more satisfying life.

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